Thursday, 29 May 2014

Rain, Rain ... Rain

Yep, you've guessed it, we've had a lot of rain! This morning is the first since Sunday that the rain has held off.  I wouldn't go as far as to say that the skies are clear though!
My climbing/rambling roses are beginning to flower.  These are partially sheltered under the covered patio.
Rambling Rector
 The rest of the flowers are not so sheltered from the rain!  Many are laden with raindrops, which have a beauty all of their own.

 The bees are still busy in the garden.
We get lots of different types of bees visiting our garden.

 I love the loud buzzing that they make inside the foxglove flowers. :)
I have quite a few foxgloves in bloom at the moment.
The alliums are still looking beautiful
and more hardy geraniums are in flower.

 While it has been raining I have been busy catching up with my WIP's.
I posted my Yarndale mandala to Lucy at Attic24 and made this little gift tag to go with it.
I forgot to photograph the mandala once I had stitched the snail and flowers on, so this is it with the motifs sitting on top prior to my fixing them.
I made a card for my best friend L.  Unfortunately it seems to have got lost in the post! :(
 I have also completed my 36 squares for the Dahlia Cushion, which I will post about when I have finished the cushion.  I cut out the backing fabric last night ready to sew.
Yesterday I also made these two items from Mollie Makes free kits.
 I altered the pattern by changing the yellow felt for lavender felt and I also stuffed the face and tummy.  He is filled with stuffing and homegrown lavender.   I also changed the shape of his nose into a little heart and double stitched the tweed as it frayed a lot.
 The second kit was for a flower brooch.
 I made my petals bigger than suggested (I used a golden syrup tin to draw around), but followed the rest of the pattern as it was written, with the exception of using glue to attach the button and brooch pin.  I'm not a fan of using glue on fabric, so I stitched the button onto a circle of felt, through the centre of the flower and stitched that to the back of the petals.  I then stitched the pin onto another circle of felt, the same size as the first piece and then blanket stitched the two together.
The only other item I have crafted is for a swap, so I can't show it here.
It has been good to do some sewing for a change.  I am taking baby steps towards doing some dressmaking again!  The next step is an artisan apron.  I have ordered this pattern from Janet Clare.
I'm looking forward to it arriving in the post! :)


Crafty in the Med said...

Impressive stunning photos....thats why you have such a beautiful garden....rain!!! Not the desert that we have here as it hasn't rained in months. We need a little of what you've got. Love the mandala and also the appliques. The little snail is the cutest!!!

keep well

Amanda xx

Vintage Jane said...

The photos of your garden are beautiful.
Love all your little 'makes' too.
M x

thesnailgarden said...

Hi Amanda & VJ Thank you for visiting. Hope you are having a lovely weekend. Best wishes, Pj x