Monday, 11 April 2016

Easter Goodies

Back from Cumbria and Easter was quickly upon us!
J was back home for the holidays, so that was a good excuse to bake lots of goodies. :)  Inspired by a dessert at the retreat I made a lime cheesecake, topped with curls of white chocolate and kiwi fruit.
I had a craving for Black Forest gateau one day
and we obviously didn't have enough chocolate in the house this Easter, so I baked a white chocolate tart. :)
No Easter is complete without a Simnel cake
and just for good measure, some almond brownies!  No wonder I put on a few pounds!! ;)
The holidays ended all too soon and J had to go back to uni for his final semester.  Of course I packed him off with more goodies, this time a boiled fruit cake and some pecan, cranberry and white chocolate cookies.
We all travelled back to Birmingham with J for a family day out.  Ella obviously didn't want him to leave as she climbed into his bag! :)
The sun was shining when we arrived in the city
and this little boy decided to play in the fountains! :)
We were rather hungry by then, so headed to Wasabi, which I had recently discovered with Deb on our way home from Cumbria.

We had a wander around the shops, where I bought a rather nice pink suede handbag for the summer and then after buying J some groceries it was time to head home.

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