Monday, 11 April 2016


Spring is finally here and the days are getting longer now that we are on BST.  We have had a fair amount of liquid sunshine, but there have been drier days and my husband and I have enjoyed walking around the village and through the local woodland to admire the wildflowers and harvest the wild garlic.
Lesser celandine shine bright in the sun.
The woods are carpeted in bluebells about to open.

Amongst the bluebells are wood anemones
and primroses.

The branches of the silver birches are still bare.
In damp corners of the wood the moss grows fern-like.
Further on we found that the snowdrops were still in bloom (these have now finished).
We walked along an ancient footpath beside a bank of oaks and primroses,
with the occasional wood spurge.
The black thorn is in flower in the hedgerows
and the hawthorn isn't far behind.
The fluffy pussy willow is a favourite of mine.
At the furthest point of our walk we admired the church in the next village, before heading home.
Back home the birds are busy with spring fever.  We are lucky to have many feathered visitors to our garden.
Great Tit
House Sparrow
Blue Tit

The purple-leaved plum blossom has now almost gone over
and is being replaced by the crab apple blossom.
The daffodils are looking very pretty,
but those darn snails have munched on all the hyacinths!!

This weekend I have been busy in the greenhouse, sowing lots of flower and vegetable seeds.  Each year I like to sow something that I haven't tried growing before, so this year I am growing lentils and chickpeas for the first time.

We have two allotments so I try to start many plants off in the greenhouse
and the windowsills indoors are full of tomato and chilli plants, plus lots of flowers for the patio pots and baskets.
Now to play the waiting game!

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