Monday, 13 February 2017

Into the Wilderness

Our first trip out to see more of Lapland was a snow mobile drive into the wilderness on the first afternoon.  We drove across frozen lakes and through beautiful forests.

Stopping on one frozen lake to admire the view
with the sun setting over the horizon.
It was an exhilarating ride through a breathtaking landscape.

We didn't know when we set off, but our destination was the summit of Levi Fell, where we were treated to more stunning views.

We crossed the ski runs
and stopped near the top of the fell for some hot berry juice and to take in the scenery.

Time to head back to the hotel.


SANDRA nix said...

Looks cold!!

thesnailgarden said...

It didn't feel that cold, because of the suits we were given. On the last day it was -10'C & that felt cold on the face.