Monday, 6 February 2017

The Quickest of Januarys!

January 2017 flew by for me this year!  We had a couple of special events, both on the same day early January.  My Dad turned a sprightly 80 years old on the day that J had his graduation ceremony.
We travelled to Birmingham Symphony Hall, which meant an early start, but at least the weather was good for the drive there.  We are very proud of his achievements, a 2:1 BSc.
The Symphony Hall was a lovely setting for the ceremony.

We took a few photos afterwards.
I'm wearing 3" heels and J at 6"4" still towers over me!

The official photos.

Now we are the proud parents of two Bachelors of Science.

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SANDRA nix said...

Congratulations all round, a lovely family photograph, you have launched two wonderful young people into the world.