Friday, 30 March 2018

A Castle, a Cathedral and some Cats

On our second full day in Edinburgh we decided to visit the castle as #4 of our Thirty in Thirty.
We approached the castle via a steep path through the gardens below, stopping to admire the view and catch our breath! ;)

Through the portcullis gate.
The new town below.

Looking towards the old town.

We wandered around the castle

and looked inside one of the military museums.  My eye as always was drawn to the examples of needlework on display.  The Union flag of Scotland and England, prior to Ireland joining.

Detail from the Edinburgh Regimental flag, early 1800s.

Inside the Great Hall.

The Scottish National War Memorial.
The Royal Palace.

We waited for the one o'clock gun.  I couldn't see the gun through the crowd and although I was expecting it, I still jumped when the gun fired! :) (Photo courtesy of my husband.)

After lunch in the Redcoat Cafe we walked around the old town.
In the afternoon we ticked off #5 of our Thirty in Thirty with a visit to Maison de Moggy, a cat cafe in Edinburgh.
The cats were gorgeous and beautifully looked after.

There was a stopper on the milk bottle for a reason! :)

Afterwards we headed to look inside St Giles cathedral.

The Robert Burns Window

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