Friday, 30 March 2018

Arthur's Seat and the Kelpies

The next day of our holiday we ticked off two more of our Thirty in Thirty.
 Number 6 was walking to the top of Arthur's Seat.  It wasn't a difficult climb, just a little steep.

Trig point at the top

and some great views!

Holyrood Palace below
and the Scottish Parliament Building.

Time to head back down.
We stopped to look at the ruins of the medieval chapel of St. Anthony, at the base of Arthur's Seat.
Number 6 on our list was a short drive away to see the Kelpies, but first some much needed lunch and a cup of tea after that climb!
The scale of the majestic sculptures only really becomes apparent as you stand beside them.
Echo the great beasts that work among us,
unbridled in this kingdom between canal and firth,
here to harness the river 
carry each weary traveller.
Bow down your strong heads to taste the water
Stretch up your long necks to face the sun.
Poem by Jim Carruth.

We had seen that the Falkirk Wheel was nearby, so stopped off to see it.
The timing was perfect as a boat was about to enter the lift.
These were miniature versions of the Kelpies in the boat lift car park.
"Honey, I shrunk the Kelpies!"

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