Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Edinburgh Yarn Festival 2018

This was to be my first visit to Edinburgh Yarn Festival.  I had bought tickets for two days, Thursday and Friday.  The queue wasn't too bad on the Thursday morning when I arrived
and I only had a short wait before going into the Corn Exchange.
I decided on a walk around to get my bearings and the first stall I looked at was Stephen and Penelope.
I could have spent all my budget right there!
Some purchases were made and a return visit the next day too! :)
Next I posed with Morag the Highland Coo in the marquee.

Mini Morag was cute too.
Then I found the La Bien Aimee stall and my shopping list went out the window!
In fact it was the start of a slippery slope! :)  The Market Place wasn't too busy on the Thursday and it was easy to look around, although the selection of gorgeous yarns was quite overwhelming.
Eden Cottage Yarns.
Rohrspatz and Willmeise.

I made sure to take lots of photos as I went around.
Hey Mama Wolf/Rauwerk.

The Laine trunk show.

Mothy and the Squid.
Travelknitter/The Wool Kitchen
The vendors had obviously put a lot of effort into their beautiful booths.
Moel-View Yarns is always a treat to visit.

I squished lots of yarn and planned future purchases.
A Yarn Story.
The Border Mill.
Cosmic Strings.
I don't know how one of these didn't go missing from John Arbon Textiles! ;)

La Fée Fil.
Beyond Measure.
I bumped into some of my lovely friends.
It was a lovely first day and I was looking forward to day two, but first it was time to put my feet up and work on my Surprise Party Shawl back at our Airbnb.
Friday and day two of Edinburgh Yarn Festival.  I am by nature rather shy, but I was determined to at least say hello to some famous yarn people and with their permission take photos that day.  I spoke to several people around the festival.
Kirsty Glass
The lovely Andrea Mowry.
I also took a few photos of lovely people in the Blacker Podcast Lounge.

Pia Kammeborn, Helen Stewart, Sarah Hunt.
Kristin Lehrer.
In the afternoon I had a ticket to listen to the Kate Davies' talk Handywoman.  Kate was very inspiring and it was a real pleasure to listen to her reading from her latest book and to hear her talk about her ongoing recovery from her stroke.
It was a fabulous two days, which included sitting in the marquee with friends and knitting, chatting and admiring yarn.
As I previously mentioned, a few purchases were made.  Some planned, others not!  I did plan to buy some a sweater quantity of DK and choose Titus in Rambling Rose from Eden Cottage Yarns on the second day.  It took me two days to decide as there were so many gorgeous colours on this stall.

Also planned were two sets of three skeins of yarn for a couple of different shawls.
From La Bien Aimée for Baubles.

and from Stephen and Penelope for a Suburban Wrap.

Also from Stephen & Penelope these not quite so planned, but destined to be a Speckle and Pop.

These were also from La Bien Amiée, unplanned, possibly a Fade.

My last yarn to show as unplanned, but I can't ever go past Moel-View Yarn without making a purchase.

These two publications were planned,

as was this needle gauge as I love beautiful tools.

I had long been promising myself some new blocking wires

and another well made tool that I had seen online.

I was gifted some buttons and badges and also a mini skein from Tracy of Norah George.

Finally I bought a couple of EYF bags and received some others with my yarn purchases.

The festival continued for a couple more days, but I had planned non yarn related day out with S on our last day in Scotland.

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