Monday, 11 February 2008

Unbelievably Warm for February

Saturday afternoon was unbelievably warm and we enjoyed another muddy walk, with only deer and birds for company. These fabulous fungi are growing in the copse behind our house.

Sunday morning my husband discovered this beautiful piece of ice in the watering can.
Sunday turned into another gloriously sunny day and in the afternoon we went on our first bike ride of the year, with our son, and took in some of the local sights, including these crocuses in the
town centre. We only managed 8.5 miles, but that was enough for the first ride, breaking in disused muscles and a hard saddle!

Recently, I seem to have developed a love of graveyards!

When we arrived back home this Barred Straw Moth was resting next to our front door. According to my insect book he should only be around during May to September, but I have noticed a lot more moths around this winter, probably because it has been so mild. I even saw a butterfly in the woods this week.

Sunday was also the day I sowed my various pumpkin and squash seeds. The sunshine has brought on the original seeds that I had sown and the courgettes will need potting on this week.


Kackers said...


I love this look and feel...

I shall have to mark you up and pop back.

What was Maurice eating in that tub?

thesnailgarden said...

Hi Kackers, glad you found me. The greedy boy was eating creme fraiche! He loves to lick out all the cream pots and ice cream containers! He has even been known to lick spilt flour off the kitchen floor - I have never known a cat like him!!