Monday, 3 March 2008

"Happy Mother's Day"

I can't help myself ... I did some more baking! Luckily I have 3 people to eat it for me (but you will notice that there are 4 slices!!). The lemon in the fridge was crying out to be made into a Lemon Drizzle Cake! Our son "Jay" and I love anything lemon flavoured.
And I had some buttermilk that needed using before long, to I made these Mini Cinnamon and Banana Loafs for the first time and some buttermilk scones, that were delicious with homemade raspberry jam.

We had 2 sessions at the allotment (just as well after all those calories!) - OH has dug half of it now and I have finished weeding the fruit-cage. That resulted in 2 buckets of bindweed root. I know I will never be rid of it, but hopefully I can keep it in check. Started tying in the summer-fruiting raspberry canes. We also have half a row of autumn-fruiting raspberries that I planted last year. A nice little freebie arrived in the post from Homebase - a packet of flat-leaved parsley seeds. How did they know I needed some more of these? Spooky!

Saturday afternoon we went shopping - OH and children's last minute dash to buy Mother's Day cards! OH would have forgotten if it wasn't for someone (female of course) reminding him at work on Friday! I cheekily asked if I could have a book instead of chocolates this year, so Sarah Raven's Garden Cookbook is on order from Amazon. Also bought some new jeans for Jay, whilst we were in town, as he has had another growth spurt. My Mum loved her fingerless gloves, that I knitted for her for Mother's Day and wore them Sunday afternoon when she went out for a ramble with Dad. Sadly they don't live near us, so we won't be seeing them for a few more weeks.

Today is our daughter "Fay's" last GCSE mock exam. Next week the real ones start - a scary time, though I think I am more worried than she is! Providing she passes her exams, she plans to go to the local art college in September.


kathyann said...

I'm loving your baking ,lemon drizzle cake is one of my favourites!
Our Bethany is doing her GCSE exams too,but her school has been part of a pilot scheme to start the exams earlier and stagger them out, so that if they do not get high enough grades they have the chance to do resits!Beth is also going to college in September to do Art and Design and she can't wait ,I think she has had enough of school and is ready to move on to the next chapter in her life!Don't they grow up so quickly!!
Have a good weekend ,Love from Kathyann and the girls

thesnailgarden said...

Fay has also got to that stage where she has had enough of school, it seems quite common now for a lot of children to "give up" towards the end of their schooling. Sadly Fay went through a phase of not bothering with her coursework and it is going to lower her grades as she was originally predicted to get A's. But just as long as she gets the grades needed for the art college she will be fine. I'll have a few more grey hairs though!!