Thursday, 6 March 2008

Ice-cream Colours

I have recently discovered a fabulous blog called and couldn't resist the pattern for knitted Easter eggs. I've knitted 3 so far in pastels that remind me of the colours of ice-cream; nostalgic colours. A great way to use up the small amounts of 4-ply left-over from knitting baby clothes.
I have finished my next set of gloves and hat. Unfortunately the hat is not at all flattering (or maybe it's the face that doesn't flatter the hat!) so I am knitting a plain beanie hat to wear with the gloves. I think the first hat will be my "allotment hat" or my "rambling in the middle of the countryside where no one can see me hat"!!
Out in the garden a single wood anenome is in flower. Each day a few more daffodils come into bloom and the grape hyacinths are also flowering. The frost a couple of nights ago was rather sharp and has damaged some of my squash plants in the greenhouse, despite the double layer of bubble wrap over them.
The forecast is for rain, rain and more rain so I doubt that much of the allotment will be dug this weekend, but at least the rain will keep away the frosts. I guess I will just have to stay indoors and do some more baking!

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kathyann said...

I love those little eggs ,gorgeous colours,I'll have to visit the little cotton rabbits blog !
Your hat and gloves set look lovely!
Hope you manage to get things fastened down ready for the gales forcast for Monday, lets hope it doesn't cause too much damage!
Love from Kathyann and the girls