Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Birthday Month

So far we have had 2 out of the 3 birthdays this month. I "blinged" my Mini for my birthday present.
My Mum baked a fruit cake for me to decorate as my cake. She couldn't decorate it herself as my parents' visit was a while ago and the cake went into the freezer.
I made too many flowers so I had to make some fairy cakes to put them on ;)

The next day it was Jay's 14th birthday, so more cakes! This time individual sponge cakes, wrapped in butter-icing and coconut, with icing discs on top.

Birthday Boy.
He had a digital camera for his present and some money towards his computer fund.
As well as a lot of time spent at the allotment, we have managed to go Geocaching. In addition to the treasure, we found these gorgeous orchids and discovered some more beautiful corners of our locality.


MrsL said...

Cakes look lovely - how did you make the wee white flowers? They're beautiful. Love the last pic.



thesnailgarden said...

Yes, I made and ate the flowers! We have finished all the cakes already!! OH birthday next week! ;)

Best wishes, Pj x

Rowan said...

Gorgeous cakes - hope you all had good birthdays. June is a birthday month for us too, my younger son, husband and grandson all within a fortnight.

thesnailgarden said...

Hi Rowan, Happy Birthday to your menfolk. It's a busy time for birthdays and Father's Day.
Best wishes, Pj x