Friday, 5 June 2009

May - Inside & Out

Our bathroom was finally finished in May when we had a new carpet fitted. Anyone who remembers my previous posts about this bathroom will appreciate my relief that it is now finished.
There are so many flowers in bloom, in May, that I couldn't restrict myself to one mosaic this month. So first:- May flowers

and second, May flowers and fauna.

There have been lots of butterflies in our garden so far this year, but I'm not fast enough with the camera to snap them all. A large variety of moths fly indoors during the evenings and have to be rescued. I think they are as beautiful as the butterflies.
This week at work I have been moving everything into place after our refurbishment and at home we have started attending university open days with Fay. She is planning on taking an animation degree. I am getting excited about my Mini's imminent arrival. I keep shouting "Mini" each time I see one when we are out and about! Jay just shakes his head in despair ;)
On the craft front, I haven't made anything recently. We have been so busy that I haven't had time, but my fingers are itching to make something so hopefully I will have something to show you soon. Best wishes, Pj x


Kim said...

Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog :) I've enjoyed looking at your pictures. Your allotment is looking good, and the cygnets were sooo cute. You're so brave to sit on the glass floor at the Spinnaker, you wouldn't get me up there. You weren't far from me, only about 15miles. That was a lucky escape for you :)

Kim x

ren said...

your b/room looks good. We've been doing ours too. Its about 85% done, just those really annoying fiddly finishing off bits to do, which never get done!!

thesnailgarden said...

Hi Kim & ren - Great to hear from you both, Pj x