Monday, 1 June 2009

Spring Half-term

Well, I'm back to work now and struggling to get up in the mornings! We had such a relaxing week off and met up with my best friend L and part of her family (the boys were camping on Brownsea Island) for a few of the days.

We are now seriously addicted to Geocaching! Look at the beautiful bluebell woodland where it took us -

and this is what we saw-

We were amazed to find this fawn sleeping in the grass. We were very careful not to disturb him and zoomed the camera in to take this photo. Such a special discovery.

At the Abbotsbury Swannery, the signets are hatching.

The swans and their young were delightful to watch.

So sweet.

The Fleet

Jay on his perch.

A rare photo of Fay, she preferred to spend most of the week with the boyfriend rather than go out with us!

Just hatched.

We then when for a walk on Chesil Beach - stunningly beautiful.

Usually he does this in the sand!

R and Jay - teenagers they just can't keep up with their parents! ;)

Another day we visited Portsmouth and went inside the Spinnaker.

I wouldn't want his job!

View of the Isle of Wight from the Spinnaker.
Me sitting on the glass floor.
View below my feet.

R and Jay
They are the same age, but Jay towers over R.

L and her daughter R.

My OH, outside the Spinnaker after L and R had taken us shopping, and do they know how to shop! :)

Jay and me.

Nearer to home, I finally remembered to take the camera to the allotment. OH has finished the fencing and dug over the entire allotment. He still isn't feeling great, but has enjoyed the exercise. We have planted potatoes, onions, shallots, peas, beans x 3, courgettes, lettuces, aubergines and lots of squashes. Everything will be a little late this year, but at least the rabbits can't eat everything now!

Our first crop of strawberries this year. I am picking them slightly unripe as the mice eat them if they ripen on the plants. There's always something enjoying our produce!!

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Rowan said...

It looks as though you had a lot of fun and some good weather, the photo of the fawn is really special, lucky you to see him. I didn't manage to see any of the coast when I was in Dorset but must try to get there next time.