Friday, 26 June 2009

June Gardening, Wildlife & Birthday Boy

June Flowers

We have been enjoying the record temperatures here this week. The cats have snoozed in the shade, but the garden was starting to suffer, so OH got the hose out today and as it was so hot we both got under it as well!

It was my husband's birthday this week
and as he has a sweet tooth I baked a chocolate cake and covered it in honeycomb filled butter-icing , drizzled it with fudge sauce and decorated it with honeycomb shards and giant, chocolate buttons. Too sweet for Fay and me, but Jay and OH loved it. The T-shirt says it all!

Yesterday, whilst pruning our hedge, I discovered this wasps' nest. I'm feeling a little guilty now as I called in a man to deal with it.

OH discovered this slowworm at the allotment.

At the allotment, we have been harvesting radishes, lettuce, courgettes and lots of berries and currants. I'm also harvesting Old English Lavender from bushes I grew from cuttings, ready to make more lavender sachets.

Most evenings I am picking, processing and freezing fruit from the allotment.

It's a busy time of year!
Hope you are all enjoying this hot weather, Pj x


suleto said...

ensvisite meu blog...

Kackers said...

Oh wow, I love that grid of photos!

Your garden and allotment are amazing.

I am pleased with mine, but it could be miles better.

This weather has forced all my stuff ready early, so it will be almost empty soon!!!!

Next year I will have it all so well planned!

I like this blog better so will be cancelling the other one too!

thesnailgarden said...

Hi Kackers and thank you. I make the photo mosaic here if you are interested in making one. We are a little late this year planting at the allotment because of the fencing, but hopefully everything will catch up. Yours is looking very productive.
Best wishes, Pj x