Friday, 18 September 2009

All the Bs

Bread, Baked Apples, Bowls, Beetroot and Beads.
I didn't plan the post like this, I just happened to notice all the Bs when I uploaded the photos!
Bread - another loaf of sourdough. This time to go with soup.
Cheddar and Onion Soup
Baked Apples - I haven't made these in a long while, definitely an autumn dessert. I stuffed them with some homemade mincemeat left over from last Christmas.
Bowls - felted bowls that I have made to sell in my friend's shop.
Displayed with shell earrings made by Fay.
Beetroot - harvested from the allotment.
The larger ones I sliced and pickled. The smaller ones are whole and un-vinegared. I don't thin my beetroot seedlings so that I get a variety of sizes.
Beads - The pink beads, that I purchased on a recent trip to Bosham, have now been made into very-girly bracelets. I designed these to be worn together.

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