Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Our Weekend

Starting Friday!

I left the tumble-dryer door open after removing the towels and when I returned I found Ella curled up, asleep inside it!

It was a friend's birthday on the Saturday and I baked some small cakes for her, to go with her present.

I made a beaded, handbag charm

and used it as a gift tag.

My new Crocs arrived.

A girl can never have enough Crocs ;) I live in these at home
instead of slippers, they are so comfortable.
Saturday and Sunday we went for long, local walks.

We had a close encounter with these horses. They surrounded us and then got spooked and gave my OH quite a knock. I like horses, but was glad to get out of the field.

The hedgerows are looking beautiful at this time of year, so full of fruit.


Old Man's Beard & Elderberries




Spindle Tree


We saw this deer late afternoon, looking quite settled in a paddock.

Sunday lunchtime we had another BBQ and harvested some more of our Indian Summer Sweetcorn from the allotment. It is so sweet when freshly picked. I never buy sweetcorn from the shops, as it just doesn't taste the same.

Of course the cats joined us for a BBQ!

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Rowan said...

That looks like a pretty good weekend to me - especially the fresh sweetcorn. I've only eaten it fresh in the USA and it is absolute bliss!