Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Autumn Allotment and Readying the Garden for Winter

At the allotment the squash plants are dying down so we brought home the pumpkins and squashes. It has been a very good year for my favourite, the butternuts. We also dug up the remaining beetroot, which I then pickled. Left growing at the allotment are lots (and lots!) of lettuce, a few sweetcorn, turnips, spring onions, carrots, tomatoes, a handful of autumn raspberries, calendulas and sunflowers. Also, my strawberries have begun fruiting again! Hopefully this won't affect next year's harvest. OH dug up the remaining potatoes.
There were three comedy potatoes ;0
At home I decided to remove all but one pot of summer flowers. They were still blooming, but realistically frosts may only be a couple of weeks away. I have left the one pot, by the patio door, with its pale pink fuchsia (from my Mum), deep and light pink busy lizzies and magenta geraniums.
All the other pots have a striped grass (from the borders), pink and white Bellis daisies and pink, white and purple pansies in them.
Monday morning's cloud formation viewed from my kitchen window. I have never seen such "fingers" of cloud before.
Although I don't like the shorter days, I'm loving this sunny Autumn weather. Hopefully it will make Winter seem so much shorter.

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