Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Back to the Normal Routine

The Easter holidays are over and we are slowly getting back into our normal routine.

I have been knitting and have made some crocheted letters. This one is for a friend along with the mug that I couldn't resist buying for her!

The garden was in full bloom when we returned from Norfolk. I always look forward to seeing my garden after I have been away, so much can change even in just a week.

On Saturday we went to RHS Wisley to see the spring flowers.
The displays of daffodils and tulips were magnificent.
I love this colour combination.
My son sitting amongst the daffodils. I have a photo of him at Kew, aged about 8 months, sitting amongst the daffodils there, so I persuaded him to pose for another daffodil photo, 14 years on.
The blossom trees were beautiful.

Magnolia stellata - Jane Platt
Magnolia cylindrica x. M. Campbellii - Darjeeling
Prunus amygdalopersica - Ingrid
Prunus - Taihaku
Jay said these smelt like Fanta!
The meadow was carpeted in dainty narcissus.
Mother and son on the rockery.
Jay found Sunny at the top of the rockery again.
And I found this pretty Auricula to take home!


Rowan said...

Gorgeous flower pictures, you are a good bit ahead of us though. I love that auricula - I've always had a longing for one of those fabulous auricula theatres that you see at Chelsea Flower Show. It will remain only in my dreams though I suspect.

thesnailgarden said...

I've always fancied an auricula theatre too, but I'm not sure where I could put one in my garden. Recently my OH gave me a "funny look" when I mentioned a theatre! :)Pj x