Saturday, 3 April 2010

Happy Easter

For our Easter arrangement this year, I painted some hazel branches with off-white emulsion, leftover from decorating our living-room and hung pink and white eggs on them. Sadly it doesn't photograph too well.
Close-ups of the arrangement.

I love to celebrate Easter by baking lots of treats for my family. All diets are off for Easter!
Mini Hot Cross Buns.

My first attempt at making Parisian-style Macaroons.
Another time I would bake them at a lower temperate and for longer, as they browned slightly at the recommended temperature. This recipe is in the current Delicious magazine.
No Easter is complete without Chocolate Crispie Nests!
Vanilla Bunnies.
Simnel Cake.
Our Easter display.
Chocolate, allotment daffodils and a card by Lucy Case, an artist I admire.Chocolate goodies for the children.
More flowers from our allotment.
I just have a wreath to finish and then our decorations are complete.
On Easter Sunday our children usually have an Easter egg hunt. This year I asked them if they were too old for a hunt and Jay cheekily said, with a big grin, "Yes, just give us the chocolate!" So tomorrow they will have their Easter Eggs and I will try to resist hiding a couple of goodies that I have stashed in the cupboard, but I'm not making any promises! They may be too old for a hunt, but I'm not!:)
"Happy Easter Everyone"

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Sue said...

I love your Easter table. I'm trying to claim a little area on which to have seasonal displays, but people keep piling homework, and gadgets all over it.

Those macarons look absolutely gorgeous,exactly like the ones from Ladurée. I'm so impressed.

Sue x