Friday, 30 April 2010

April in the Garden

April is such a lovely month in the gardening calendar and this April has been exceptionally warm and dry.

The third and final tree in our front garden is now in blossom.

And the wisteria is once again in flower and scenting the patio.

Another favourite of mine is this snowball bush, it always reminds me of my Nana's garden.
White and snakeshead fritillaries.
The first of the hardy geraniums is in flower.
Pheasant's Eye Narcissus
"Queen of the Night" Tulip.
The lilac is in bloom, so it must soon be my daughter's birthday. I always associate lilac with her birth, because there were a row of lilac trees in flower outside of the hospital window.
My garden is full of Forget-Me-Not that is creating a haze of pale blue over the garden.
I have been busy sowing seeds in my greenhouse and have planted up 3 of my hanging baskets with plug plants. I am keeping them in the greenhouse until the frosts have passed. My greenhouse isn't heated so each evening I cover my plants with bubble wrap.

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Sue said...

gorgeous flower pics. I do love that dark claret colour of the Queen of the Night and the geranium.

Sue x