Friday, 2 April 2010

March 2010

March, the month that ushered in Spring at last.

The wind fluttered the catkins, sending clouds of pollen on its journey.At the beginning of the month the pond still iced over, creating beautiful patterns.
The sticky buds formed on the horse chestnut trees.
The Pussy Willow buds also appeared.
Sadly the tree that I usually photograph, by the bridge, has been cut down.
Nests are appearing in the trees and hedgerows.
I think this one is a squirrel's drey.
The green spears of the bluebell leaves are covering the woodland floor.
The wild cherry is almost ready to blossom.

The first primroses are in bloom.
The days have been getting warmer and longer, the clocks went forward last weekend and we are now on British Summer Time.

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