Monday, 20 September 2010

Reasons to be Cheerful

For the past week I have had the lurgy, so apart from going to work I have had a relatively quiet few days. To cheer me up (reason 1), this little Emma Bridgewater bowl arrived in the post. I had sent away for this bowl, on special offer with Rachel's yogurt, some time ago.
Reason 2 - We finally got the key to our new allotment. Now I just have to wait for my husband to build some raised beds for me. We have decided that raised beds are the answer to this clay soil.
Reason 3 and 4 - Whilst taking advantage of an amazing deal on gardening tools at the local garden centre I also scored this free potted viola. Also Ella's war wound seems to be healing. I had to take her to the vets a few days ago with a burst abscess. I came away from the vets with one very unhappy, partially shaven and injected cat, a pot of hibiscrub to bathe the wound with and a large bill! But Ella is on the mend which is the important part of that, although we are having fun trying to catch her to use the hibiscrub! :)
Reason 5 - My pumpkin patch at our existing allotment is full of squashes. We have begun to harvest them and I am looking forward to butternut squash soup, pumpkin cookies and of course Halloween.


Rowan said...

Hope you and Ella are both feeling better now. I love those photos of pumpkins and squashes - I love seeing the big displays of pumpkins for sale in garden centres and by the roadside when I'm in the US at this time of year, wish we had the same thing over here.

thesnailgarden said...

Hi Rowan, lovely to hear from you. Ella and I are both on the mend now thank you, hope you are well too. I also love pumpkins and I'm looking forward the seeing lots at the Wisley Autumn Show next month. Best wishes, Pj x

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