Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Back to School

Today Jay went back to school, to begin his final year of school. Where has the time gone? My baby has grown up too fast! Maurice and Ella are going to miss him, as most days of the holidays they could be found with Jay in his bedroom, even though they aren't allowed on the beds!!! I think I am fighting a losing battle with that one! :)
Sunday morning was spent in the kitchen, baking cakes ready for Jay to have in his packed lunches.
At a local charity shop last week, I found this lovely glass cake stand for only £2
and a pretty side plate for 50p.
Don't know if I should be eating cake though, as for the first time in my life I have been going to the gym - must be a mid-life crisis! :) I have a free 7 day pass for gym and swim and have been going with Jay. I am now trying to decide whether or not to take our membership. If I exercise can I eat more chocolate? ;)
On the craft front I have crocheted a few more flowers for my lap blanket. The going is a little slow as I still have tendonitis in my right elbow.
Not entirely sure where I am going with this blanket. Originally it was going to be rectangular, but now I am thinking of turning it into a hexagon, with these motifs in the centre and a firmer border around them, otherwise I am worried that they will not perform well as a blanket. I need to decide how to work a border around the wavy edge of the motifs without spoiling their shape. Any suggestions please?

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Mac n' Janet said...

How pretty, and how tasty your baking looks.