Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Wisley Flower Show

On Sunday we visited RHS Wisley to see the flower show.
There were some beautiful displays from growers.

Inside the flower tent were these gorgeous chrysanthemums -

Misty Primrose
and Dance Salmon.
A chilli display, probably allowed into the flower tent because they are ornamental as well as edible.
There were various flower competitions with arrangements large

and small.
Walking around the rest of the garden we saw:-
beds of heathers,
carpets of cyclamens and swaths of sedums.
The shape of the glasshouse matched the clouds above.
A view across the gardens to the laboratory.
J found Sunny the cat in his usual place above the rockery.
We walked down the rockery
admired the carnivorous plants
and spent some time by the canal
watching this heron, who had his beady eyes on the fish!
My OH enjoyed being "King of the Castle" in the sunflower maze
and then a "Wickerman"!
We walked through the orchards, that were heavy with fruit
and went into the poly tunnel containing the exotic cucurbits.
We enjoyed looking at the exhibits on the sculpture trail.

These are a few of my favourite ones:-

We had a lovely lunch in the delightfully named "The Honest Sausage" restaurant. Next month we will go back again for the Taste of Autumn festival.


E. Charlotte said...

What great pictures! Looks like fun was had by all. :D

Elizabeth said...

Oooh, what gorgeous buds.

Susan Golton said...

How beautiful! This makes me want to visit a garden somewhere and do some sketching.