Thursday, 28 April 2011

April in Norfolk

Last week 3 of us went to Norfolk to stay with my parents. We were extremely lucky to have gorgeously hot weather all week. It was more like August than April, in fact it was better than most Augusts! We arrived in the afternoon and went for a walk across neighbouring farmland to stretch our legs after the journey.
Tuesday we visited some old haunts in Norwich.
Elm Hill.
View of Norwich Castle from the steps of City Hall.
Later that day we went for a walk along part of Marriott's Way.
This trail follows the route of a disused railway track.
Wednesday was even hotter and we headed towards Cromer, on the coast, for a spot of geocaching. The steps down to the beach were very steep.
My son exploring the beach after our picnic.
Onwards to Cromer.
Thursday we took my parents on a circular geocaching walk in a nearby village.Back home for a cup of tea in my parent's garden.The funny face is the window that my Dad has made in the greenhouse shading, so that my Mum can look up the garden whilst she is in the greenhouse. Every year he makes a different "window".
Friday we walked in some woodland near Holt, before heading into the town.
We had a wonderful, relaxing week. Thank you Mum and Dad. xXx

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