Friday, 29 April 2011

Easter Update and a Royal Wedding

My Easter holidays posting has been delayed this week, due to the fact that I couldn't publish my posts. This morning I discovered that Blogger and Explorer 9 are not compatible, so I am posting through Goggle Chrome. If anyone else is able to draft their posts, but not publish them, this is probably why.
Onto Easter, these are my knitted Easter Peeps. The idea originated from a Drops Design pattern, but I made my own pattern as I preferred to knit these on a pair of straight needles rather than double pointed ones.
I will post my pattern up on Ravelry soon.
We were back home from our Norfolk trip on Saturday, ready for a visit from the Easter Bunny on Sunday. My children each had a felted nest filled with mini eggs and a chocolate chicken.
I even had an egg from the Bunny, aka Mum & Dad. :)
I baked some cupcakes

and a Simnel Cake for Easter.

The hot weather continued so we had a BBQ on Easter Sunday - our earliest BBQ yet. This black, furry marauder turned up and tried to nab Jay's burger!
Today we have an extra Bank Holiday, to celebrate the royal wedding of William and Catherine. I have been watching it on television this morning. They look so much in love. I think the dress was perfect - so elegant.

Wishing Will and Kate a lifetime of love and happiness together.
Pj x

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