Thursday, 7 April 2011

Enjoying Walking

The past week I have continued with my daily walks and enjoyed the local fauna and flora. Someone else has been in these woods. Each year this tree and others are decorated to celebrate, I believe, the Spring Equinox. This beautiful Bee Fly was perched on a burgeoning bud. I discovered patches of deliciously sharp-tasting Wood Sorrel,

Lesser Celandine,
Wood Anemones and Bluebells beginning to carpet the copse behind our home.

One evening walk took my husband and me to the bottom of the allotments. In the back garden Ella accompanies me on my walks. The butterflies are enjoying the nectar-rich Forget-me-nots.

Orange-tip Butterfly Comma ButterflyThere are several Ladybirds in the garden too. The Tulips are opening. As are the Daffodils. The Hyacinths are still putting on a grand show and other spring flowers are appearing such as these Snake's Head Fritillaries and Purple Wood Anemones.My Flower, Vegetable and Salad Seedlings are growing well in the greenhouse.In the front garden, most of the Purple-leaved Plum Blossom has fallen and has now been replaced by the Pink Blossom of this tree that we inherited when we moved in and the White Blossom of the Amelanchier that we planted. So beautiful that I had to post two photos. :)Yesterday it was 20'C, which is amazing for this time of year. I hope it continues for the Easter Holidays which start this weekend.


Tina said...

Thank you for posting these beautiful pictures! It is so nice to see spring arriving! I is around 20°C here for a few days already and i am sunbathing under the parasol on my last day of vacation - back to work tomorrow.

thesnailgarden said...

Hi Tina, thank you for leaving a comment, it is greatly appreciated.
Best wishes, Pj x