Saturday, 9 April 2011

Sunshine Days

We have still been enjoying the gorgeous sunshine here, but sadly the weatherman said that temperatures should be back to normal tomorrow! - Just when the Easter holidays start!!

Maurice and Ella have been lazing in the sun. Don't be fooled by the cosiness of this picture - Maurice wanted to be where Ella was, next to the Catmint, but she wasn't letting him. :)
In the front garden it is the turn of our Crabapple tree to blossom. I love the way the pink buds open up to white flowers. Unfortunately the blooms on this tree never last for long. The first Wisteria flowers are beginning to open in the back garden. Each day more and more of the buds open. I love my garden in the springtime, so here are a few more gratuitous flower photos. :) A Pink Tulip, Blue Grape Hyacinths and Forget-me-nots,
Purple and White Snake's Head Fritillaries, Hardy Geraniums, A Narcissus, Tulip "Queen of the Night"
and a Cowslip that has forgotten it is supposed to be pure yellow. Back indoors I have completed another two pages of my Florida scrapbook. I have used my Big Shot machine to cut the letters and gears. I chose to use Gadget Gears on these pages and stamped the corners with bubble wrap to give them an industrial appearance inspired by Epcot's Future World. These pages also contain elements of the packaging from some of our purchases. Talking of shopping - I couldn't resist these nearly new Faith shoes in a local charity shop this week, at a 10th of their original price (they still had the labels underneath).
I love red shoes and I love polka dots. :) My husband says they remind him of Minnie Mouse. :)


Mad Madame Mel said...

your crab apple blossom is gorgeous, we have what a suspect is a crab apple in our garden but it has never blossomed unfortunately. and I now have shoe envy, they are so cute :)

Rowan said...

Your garden looks lovely, I can't believe how far ahead of us you are - there's no blossom on my crab apples yet and no sign of flowers on any of the local wisterias. I don't have one but there are a couple of them locally that \Ialways enjoy looking at.