Saturday, 5 May 2012

At Home ...

... still with the lurgy and unfortunately Fay has now caught it too. :(  I'm just hoping that Jay escapes this bug as he has his AS exams this month.
On a happier note, we had a day of sunshine on Monday!
Those blue skies stayed until evening, when we once again had yet more rain!
I took the chance to look at the flowers in our garden,

joined by Ella as usual.
Another afternoon I kept warm in the greenhouse.  Regardless of how I'm feeling the plants still needed pricking out and potting on.
Sunflowers for my garden and allotment.
Cosmos in shades of pink and white.
Lots of Salad Leaves.
 Sweet Peas.
 Pumpkins and Squashes galore.
 Yesterday I planted up my hanging baskets, but I am leaving them in the greenhouse for a couple of weeks in case we get more frosts.  Usually I hang them outside the first week of May, but the weather is so topsy turvy at the moment I think they will be safer in the greenhouse.
This Angle Shades Moth also thought it best to shelter inside!
This week we decided to join The National Trust.  My Husband and I are looking forward to days out using our membership, but our Children aren't so keen!
 Craft-wise I have started to crochet a cushion cover for our living-room.  Recently we bought four cushion pads from Ikea - two square, two rectangular - and I plan to cover them using a variety of needlework techniques.
 I have also been experimenting with my new Tattered Pinecone die to make some roses and I have inked and stamped a pebble that I picked up from the beach last year, to make a paperweight.
And this is what happens when I'm feeling in need of a lift - some retail therapy!  I'm so looking forward to using them. :)
In this household, we are now entering the birthday season.  Fay's birthday is first and while she was asleep yesterday morning I made her cake and popped it into the freezer ready for her birthday next week.  I am making a variation of the Rainbow Cake I baked for Jay last year.
 This Vanilla Sponge will, hopefully, be four layers in subtle shades of pink.
 I won't know for sure that the colouring has worked until the cake is cut - so fingers crossed!
 I also baked some Lemon and Poppy Seed Cupcakes, a flavour that my Husband loves.
 Hope you are all enjoying your weekend and Bank Holiday for those of you in the UK.
Best wishes, Pj x


Country Girl said...

You have reminded me to buy some nasturtium seeds! My greenhouse is doing well too but I think its still too chilly to start planting out.

Tangled Sweetpea said...

Ooh those cupcakes look delish!
Victoria xx

Maria said...

Hello! We have the rains here too...Am a thinking an Arc is what could be needed..... As usual your cakes look soo deligtful! Get that kettle on please!