Friday, 25 May 2012

This Morning in the Garden ...

Today is another gorgeously hot day here.  The past few days have been scorchers, so I have risen early and pottered in the back garden or worked up the allotment, before the heat has hit.


When the temperature has cooled, my evenings have been spent back at the allotment and afterwards in the garden,
but apparently someone doesn't think it has been hot enough!  Yesterday I found Ella curled up in the greenhouse!


Tangled Sweetpea said...

You really do have some gorgeous Flowers in your garden! And thank you for being able to name that sweet little flower on my last post :) enjoy the sunshine Pj!
Victoria xx

FourHappyBunnies said...

Ooh your flowers are amazing. Is the white flower viburnum and does it have a lovely scent? Xx

thesnailgarden said...

Yes, it is Viburnum Opulus - the snowball bush, but unfortunately it hardly has any scent. I love it as it reminds me as my Nana's garden.
Best wishes, Pj x