Thursday, 31 May 2012

Time in the Garden

I love this hot weather and the longer days!  I have spent most of my time in the garden or at the allotment.

All that rain had encouraged the weeds to grow on the allotment, so I have been digging them up and planting runner beans, dwarf beans, lettuce, tomatoes, courgettes, pumpkins and other squashes.  I have also been sowing various seeds and planting flowers in between the vegetables.
There has been plenty of wildlife around, such as this Beetle - Pyrochroa Serraticornis and I have heard my first Cuckoo of the season whilst working at the allotment.
The hedgerows are full of May/Hawthorn blossom
and heavy with scent.
 In the woods we have seen lots of fungi.
 Back in the garden and love is in the air!  These bugs are Eurydema Dominulus
and of course there are snails! Lots and lots of them!!
 The first of the roses are blooming.
Petunia Melissa in the hanging baskets.

 When planting my pots for the summer, I couldn't quite bear to throw out the winter pansies and greenery, so I have re-potted them and used them to "pretty-up" the compost corner.
Whilst I was in the garden, Ella was on guard on the fence
 and Maurice was doing what cats do best! :)
 I have moved some of the Basil from the greenhouse into the kitchen.
I still have lots of planting to do,
 but at least I have potted up my tomatoes and chillis.  I still have lots of flowers to plant in the garden, but I have run out of space!  When the Hardy Geraniums have finished flowering I will cut them down and then I hope to have room for my bedding plants.
 Yesterday I put the bunting up that Joanne kindly made for me.
It looks good from both sides.

During this hot weather I have been glad that my kitchen is north-facing, as it doesn't get too hot in there, until the oven is turned on, so I have managed to fit in some baking.
Peanut Butter and Choc Chip Cookies
 Lemon and Almond Drizzle Cake
Chelsea Buns

Banana Loaf
Boiled Fruitcake

And also in the kitchen are these.  I couldn't resist! ;)
As well as the Bank Holiday and Diamond Jubilee, it is half term next week and I have lots planned.  Therefore I won't be on-line next week, so I will take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful week. 
Best wishes, Pj x 


Vintage Jane said...

Gosh ... you have been busy. It is so good to spend time in the garden ... and then come in and have a lovely piece of cake! M x

Tangled Sweetpea said...

Ooh you have been busy! The garden is looking fabulous and you baking looks scrummy! I love peanut butter, do you have a recipe for those delicious looking cookies?
Victoria xx

Deb Hickman said...

What a gorgeous garden and your bunting looks great. Mmmmm, those cakes look yummy. Deb xx

Katie said...

Goodness me, you have been busy! Baking all those lovely treats must have taken ages, Im surprised you had any time to garden! Hope you had a lovely jubilee weekend. Love Katie xx

Sew,ray,me said...

I love seeing snaps of other peoples gardens and yours is just lovely, a proper cottage garden, and your greenhouse is looking lovely and full too! Mine is currently full - of tomato plants!

Jooles said...

what a lovely post combining two of my favorite and cake!
your gardnen is so pretty
love jooles x