Thursday, 10 May 2012

A Break in the Rain

During a brief dry spell, at the weekend, I managed to cut the lawn and reposition the compost bin.

And to plant out the new Clematis "Oberon" that we purchased from the garden centre on Saturday.  It is strongly scented and I have positioned in next to our patio door, so that we can make the most of its scent.
We also decided to give this Watercress a try.  Apparently, if kept moist it can be grown in soil.  There's no danger of it drying out at the moment with all of this rain!
We also went for a little walk around the village to see the Bluebells.

It was so lovely to get out for a short while.


Katie said...

Lovely photos. Your garden looks fab. Im so sick of all the rain, at least it's good for the watercress! Love Katie xx

Anne said...

Your garden looks beautiful.The wisteria is so pretty and such a gorgeous colour.I planted one a couple of years ago on an arch in our garden but it has still to flower.I've just got to be patient!

thriftwood said...

Lovely pictures ... your garden is gorgeous, and so are the cakes on your previous post! Have a lovely weekend, Claire xxx

Felted House said...

Your garden looks lovely and reminds me of mine a few years ago before my wisteria mysteriously died - I had a picture very similar to your first one with lots of trailing flowers. We've got lots of forget me nots too, and I'm actually trying to grow bluebells myself after buying some bulbs in the green, I'm really hoping they'll establish well although there are only 8 flowers this year out of 100 bulbs! I was interested to see your watercress in a pot as I would never have thought of trying it so I might give it a go another year xx

thesnailgarden said...

Thank you for your lovely comments about my little patch.
Welcome to my blog Claire.
Yes Katie, the watercress is thriving in this rain! :)
FH - sorry to hear about your wisteria, hope that your bluebells flower better next year-they probably put all of their efforts underground this year.
Anne - I had to wait a couple of years for mine to flower.

Best wishes, Pj x

Jooles said...

oh my...what a beautiful post, your garden looks incredible.
Happy belated birthday to your lovely girly x
love jooles x