Friday, 6 July 2012

Early July in My Garden

Yesterday was the first dry day that we have had in weeks.
 The sun even managed to shine
 and dry the rain-soaked flowers.
I spent all morning in the garden pruning the shrubs
and admiring the flowers.
The blooms on the larger-flowered roses aren't fairing too well with so much rain, but the smaller roses are surviving. 

Undercover on the patio the baskets and pots are doing well.  I love this new petunia "Black Velvet".

This Nemesia is very aromatic.
The Geraniums are slow to flower this season, but the other plants are in bud.

Petunia "Melissa" is a favourite that I buy each year.
July is the month that my small-flowered Clematis put on a show.
Clematis 'Betty Corning'
 Clematis 'Petit Faucon'
Clematis 'Princess Diana'
 Clematis 'Minuet'
 Clematis ' Purpurea Plena Elegans'
The two other varieties aren't in bloom yet.  This weather is holding everything back.
 The new fronds on this Fern are beautiful, providing a lovely touch of colour at the end of the garden.
 This year I have sown Linaria 'Fairy Bouquet' throughout the back garden as it was a childhood favourite of mine.
 The first Nasturtium to flower in the garden this summer.
 It's a bit drier in the greenhouse!  The tomato plants have lots of flowers on them
 and some tomatoes are starting to grow.  We just need more sunshine to ripen them!  This year I have grown Moneymaker, Sungold and Gartenperle.  Also in the greenhouse are the chilli plants, lots of basil, lettuce and some Verbena Bonariensis seedlings that were late to germinate.  Hopefully they will grow big enough to be planted out this year.
 In the front garden the Wood Pigeons and Blackbirds are feasting on the Amelanchier berries.  the Pigeons sit in the tree and gobble up everything within reach of their perch, whilst the Blackbirds sit on the ground and eye-up a particular berry before "jumping" up to grab it!  It is fascinating to watch them whilst working at the kitchen sink.
 One plant that is loving this wet weather is the Astilbe.  They really suffer when it is hot, but this year they are looking very healthy.
Just as well, because it is pouring with rain again!


Gem said...

Lots of beautiful flowers. It is one of the only good things to come from all this rain. Just a shame about all the winds that have damaged the smaller plants really, still that's nature for you I guess. Have a lovely weekend x x x x

Tangled Sweetpea said...

Gorgeous blooms Pj! They look so pretty with raindrops on.
Victoria xx