Saturday, 28 July 2012

London 2012

 Last Sunday we decided to go to London to see the Olympic Park before The Games started.
We took a ride on the new Emirates Air-Line across the Thames
 and caught our first glimpse of the stadium.
 A short Tube ride to Stratford and we arrived at the Olympic Park.  This is as close to it as we could get, but there was a sign pointing the way to a better view from John Lewis' viewing room.
 Walking through the shopping centre and we stumbled across the pop-up shop of Magnum London.  We couldn't resist going in and ordering our own custom-made Magnums!
 You choose your ice-cream which is then dipped in a chocolate of your choice.  Next use choose 3 toppings and more chocolate to be drizzled over your ice -cream.  Yummy!
S choose Chilli, Ginger & Coconut
J choose Coconut, Marshmallow & Meringue
I choose Salt, Chocolate Nibs, Meringue and Rose Petals
(I know that is 4 toppings, but apparently as they can only use a little salt you get 3 more choices.)

 Finally we made it into the viewing room at John Lewis!
 Walking back through the Westfield Centre I spotted the Mini Shop.
 Of course I had to go in!
 Back on the Tube we headed to The Tower of London and spotted the Olympic Mascots - 
Ravens Wenlock
and Beefeater Mandeville,
City Hall with its Olypmic Projections,
and Tower Bridge with the Giant Olympic Rings.
 We walked along The Embankment,
 past The Shard,
 The London Dragons
 and The London Eye
 to Westminister.

 Then we walked to St James' Park and Buckingham Palace,
 before catching The Tube back to our car.
 I love the horse on this Underground Poster!
  We are hoping to go back again after The Games have finished as I would love to see the Flower Meadows at the Olympic Park.

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