Tuesday, 31 July 2012

A Quiet weekend at Home

After our recent frenetic activity it was good to have a quiet weekend at home.  Friday evening I watched the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics 2012 "The Isles of Wonder" with My husband, son and J's girlfriend B.  It was amazing; I absolutely loved it - well done to Danny Boyle.
I was so pleased that young athletes were chosen to light the spectacular Olympic Cauldron.  I took a few photos at the end of the Ceremony.
The Flames as the Cauldron was formed.

The fireworks at the end of the ceremony.

The Olympic Rings that were lifted into space by a giant balloon.
 I only wish I had recorded it as there was so much detail to take in.
Back down to Earth! I have been enjoying the flowers in my garden

and so have the butterflies now that we have had a little sun.  Sadly, all this rain has meant less butterflies in the garden. :(
Comma Butterfly.
 Ella doesn't like the lawnmower, so she hide underneath my china cabinet in the living-room!
 On the kitchen window sill I usually have a posy of flowers from the garden.  At this time of year I like to include Clematis flowers so that I can appreciate them close-up.  This posy is of "Ballerina" Rose, Lady's Mantle and "Mary Rose" Clematis.
 I have also been baking - Flapjacks (gone already so no photo!) and Lavender Shortbread.
On Saturday we picked Wild Plums from the local hedgerow and I made 10 lbs of jam with them. 
 I also managed some time at the new allotment.

 The slugs have been munching their way through my Runner Beans, so I planted some new ones in case the original ones don't recover.  I lifted the remaining shallots and onions and planted some Curly Kale.  We have been harvesting Courgettes and Dwarf Beans - it is so lovely to eat home-grown vegetables; I find them really inspiring to cook with.  I also sowed various seeds and this week I need to do some more weeding and sow more seeds.


Jooles said...

What a fab post...filled with gorgeousness!
We LOVED the opening ceremony too...just fabulous and very British.
wild plum jam sound amazing and so does your lavender shortbread...yum!
love jooles x

thesnailgarden said...

Thank you Jooles for your lovely comment. Pj x