Monday, 12 August 2013

Days 215 to 223

Last week's 365 photos:-
Day 215 of 365
Turn your back on an allotment for a week in the summer and the courgettes go crazy!  We picked all of them before our holiday and came back to these "marrows"!
Day 216 of 365
Sunday morning and the males of the family are taking it easy! :)
Day 217 of 365
Busy bees, dusted in pollen, on one of my dahlias.
Day 218 of 365
A bee of a different kind.  Crocheted as an adornment for an up-coming swap I am taking part in.
Day 219 of 365
A butterfly card to accompany the SIBOL blanket that is on its way to Sue.
Day 220 of 365
Another butterfly - the three buddleias in the garden are full of butterflies.
Day 221 of 365
If anyone is wondering where all the bees have gone ... they are in my garden! :)  My garden is alive with bees and butterflies.
Day 222 of 365
Saturday morning in town and I managed to snag a couple of bargains in the sales.  A winter skirt, probably for work and a top to wear with my jeans.
Day 223 of 365
"Git yer pads off my Pad!" Sunday morning and Maurice has claimed my Husband's dressing-gown and iPad. :)


Mrs Twins said...

Thank you so much for the beautiful Butterfly card and Blanket. I'm so sorry I wasn't here.
The Blanket is absolutely gorgeous, what pretty squares. All made in wonderful colours too. I'm only sorry I went out on deliveries this morning but never mind I will take it next time. It's absolutely superb I love it.
Thank you for everything. Love Sue x
My mail is playing up it's 4.30 pm now Monday. Hope you see this soon.
sue x

thesnailgarden said...

Hi Sue
Glad you liked the blanket. I did get your emails later - our internet connection is very dodgy at the best of times, but is really playing up this week! Best wishes, Pj x