Sunday, 4 August 2013

Days 205 to 214

For once I have the perfect excuse for not posting my 365 photos for the past week until now - I have been away on holiday ...
Day 205 of 365
First day of the summer holidays - yippee!
Flower given to me the previous day by some children at school.
Day 206 of 365
We are off on holiday - our first view of Venice.  We were there for a whole, wonderful week.
Day 207 of 365
One for us ladies! ;) A gondolier with his shirt off!
Day 208 of 365
My Husband and I at Piazza S. Marco.  We had just been up the Campanile and into the Basilica and Doge's Palace.
Day 209 of 365
Our Son, in the evening, waiting for pizza; it was delicious.
Day 210 of 365
View from a bridge of a side canal and one of the many leaning bell towers of Venice.
Day 211 of 365
S. Giorgio and the Marc Quinn inflated sculpture of Alison Lapper, that was a centre-piece of the Paralympic 2012 opening ceremony.
Day 212 of 365
The Rialto Bridge one evening.  Photo taken from near the table where we had our evening meal by the Grand Canal.
Day 213 of 365
View of the southern entrance to the Grand Canal.
Day 214 of 365
Novelty pasta bought as a joke gift for a friend!  Don't judge me! :)

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