Friday, 16 August 2013

Days 224 to 227

Four more photos for my 365 challenge:-
Day 224 of 365
As a child I always admired my Auntie S's silver charm bracelet and played with it each time she wore it.  For my 16th birthday I received a silver charm bracelet of my own from my parents.  Relatives then gifted me with charms for my birthdays and Christmases over the next few of years and later on I started collecting charms from various holiday locations.  In Venice I continued with this tradition of mine and bought a gondola to go on my bracelet.  I haven't worn my bracelet much over the past two decades as spiky charms didn't really go with carrying small children and then I began my Trollbead addiction! :) This week I searched through my jewellery box and discovered six charms that needed to be soldered onto my bracelet, so I have taken it and the charms to a jewellers to be worked on and then I plan to wear my bracelet once again, as my children are all grown-up now!
Day 225 of 365
Shopping at the allotment!  Out for a walk with my Husband at the weekend and we found this basket laying beside a path.  My Husband decided to give it a home and now it is used for collecting our vegetables from the allotment!
Day 226 of 365
On the theme of jewellery again - our Daughter takes after me as far as a love of jewellery is concerned :) so we brought back this Murano glass pendant and earrings for her from Venice.  
Day 227 of 365
Out celebrating last night.  Our Son has passed his A-levels and has had his place confirmed at his chosen university.  He is so relieved to be going to his first choice of uni and we are so happy for him!  
Well done Jay! xXx

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