Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Bank Holiday Monday

Yesterday it was wet and cold here.  The warmest room in our house was the kitchen.  I did some washing, which meant having the tumble-dryer on and then I cooked lunch which meant having the oven on.  Noddy had rosy cheeks with all that warmth! ;)
As I was in winter mode, I made these mini steamed syrup sponges for our desert - with custard of course!
 While the oven was on for lunch I also baked some cheese and herb crackers.

I will post the recipe on My Recipes blog soon.
 Maurice likes to warm his whiskers in front of the oven when it is on.  He makes me laugh! :)
 Other cats keep me company in the kitchen too.  I have a thing for ginger cats and collected these ones when we had our first furbaby - Pippa.
The cookie jar is a little chipped, but still loved.
 My Mum bought this jug for me and she has a matching one.  Mine sits on the kitchen window sill.
My best friend L gifted this picture to me as a birthday present one year and I bought the little wooden cat, hanging on the side of the frame, from Germany one holiday.
 There is also a slightly grumpy looking (in my view) black cat picture on one wall.
I purchased this miniature picture when we were first married and lived in Cornwall for a couple of years.  And of course there is my other real cat Ella to keep me company, but at the time she was curled up in her basket.
This morning it is still a little chilly, but at least the rain has stopped ... for the moment!  More rain is forecast, so I guess I will just have to stay indoors with my crochet! ;)
Hope you all had a lovely weekend.  Best wishes, Pj x


Jane said...

A cold and wet bank holiday Monday for us too Pj, such a shame after all the fine weather we've had lately, but we did manage to get some work done in the garden on Sunday. Your syrup sponges and crackers look delicious. Have a good week.
Jane x

Mac n' Janet said...

The baked crackers look delicious, I'll be looking forward to the recipe.
Love the cat pitcher.

thesnailgarden said...

Thank you Jane & Janet for visiting my blog. Janet, I've posted the recipe on my other blog. Best wishes, Pj x