Thursday, 8 May 2014

Weekend Gardening

Last weekend we started this year's planting at allotment 2.
 I'm running out of space in the greenhouse, so the kale, lettuce and other salad leaves had to go out.
 Also in need of planting out were the dwarf peas.  Pods had started to form on the plants in the greenhouse! I also sowed two rows of these peas directly into the ground.
 Other seed sowing included:-
Radish - Rainbow Mixed & Scarlett Globe
Leek - Musselburgh
Spring Onion - Winter White Bunching
Pak Choi - Ivory
Spinach - Picasso
Beetroot - Burpees Golden, Boltardy & Tonda di Chioggia
Carrot - Rainbow Mix
Most of our potatoes are grown on allotment 1, but for the first time I have decided to grow a few of last year's leftover potatoes that had started to sprout in the garage.  I wasn't going to eat them, so I think I can't lose anything by planting them.  I also tied in the raspberry canes.  I forgot to cut down the canes that had fruited last year and they already have flower buds on them, so I have tied them in too.
Back home Maurice was doing a spot of his own gardening ... the catmint is growing again!  He had his head in the plant for quite some time. :)
 The Aquilegias are looking pretty.

I like lots of delicate flowers in my garden, such as Geum,
 Geranium Versicolor
and Tellima Grandiflora
But the Forget-me-nots are "Taking the Mickey"!  Somewhere here there are stepping stones!
Maurice found one at the other end of the path ... obviously sleeping off the effects of the catmint! :)
 Next to him is a clump of white Bluebells.
The Alliums are starting to open.
 Most of the flowers in my garden are soft pinks, purples and blues, with some darker purples.

But I like to add a few splashes of bright orange.
 These Poppies work particularly well with the Forget-me-nots at this time of year.
At the weekend I also decided to plant up my hanging baskets.
I have hung them up on the back wall of the house as it is quite sheltered there.  I just need to watch out for any late frosts.
 It does mean that the summer chore of watering has started!
 I still have a few more pots to plant up, but these herbs will be staying by the patio door.  They are within easy reach when I need to use them in my cooking.
 The first rose "Geoff Hamilton" is in bud.
 This garden snail had found a cheeky place to hide!
 Indoors, someone else had taken advantage of an open door and also found somewhere to hide! :)


joy said...

I love Geum and London Pride, your garden seems to be further ahead than mine, Aquilegias only just about to open.

Vintage Jane said...

So much colour ... beautiful. We seem to be a little behind you too ...
Cats always find the best spot!
M x

thesnailgarden said...

Thank you for visiting me Joy and VJ. Yes, cats do always find the best spot. I couldn't see Ella at all when I walked in the room; she was tucked up in the middle of the folded up spare duvet! Best wishes, Pj x

SANDRA nix said...

Your garden is just beautiful.