Thursday, 28 December 2017

October in Review

I started crocheting some toadstools to go on our Christmas tree,
October was also the month that I reopened my Etsy shop Eva Faith.  I had been busy making stitch markers and progress keepers.
I cast on the Surprise Party Shawl by Helen Stewart.

I carved one of our large homegrown pumpkins for Halloween.
Alice in Wonderland was the theme.

We foraged for some rosehips
and I made rosehip and apple jelly.
We picked some apples from the hedgerow
to make apple and chilli jelly.
With the remainder of the apples I made apple whisky.
Towards the end of October I usually bake our Christmas cake.
In the Garden
Time to put a winter display in the baskets and pots.
Maurice was posing on the patio in the sunlight.

At the Allotment
We picked the ornamental gourds
and unearthed the potatoes from the barrel.
We had lots of carrots and beetroot this year.

The pumpkins are from our older allotment.
Nature Walks
Lots of autumnal fungi to be found!

I made a mini wreath of berries as we walked.

Out and About
We met a couple of friends at the Om Yoga Show, where we tried out a variety of classes

and an aerial swing.
Loved it!

Last but not least, a lovely gift from a friend, with a very appropriate card for me.

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