Sunday, 22 June 2008

Cat Burglars!

Okay, so where are they getting these from? Another catnip toy has appeared outside the front door! I just hope that they have found them outside and that they haven't gone through someone else's catflap!

Maurice has spent the afternoon sleeping on the lawn. Is that because he was busy up to no good last night?!

What a yawn!


kathyann said...

Cats are fasinating,a night on the tiles ehh,no wonder he was tired,did he have a date!!!
At least he only brought the toy home!!Lol what next!!!!
Love from Kathy and the girls

Kackers said...

He is just so lovely, but how very weird abiout the toys....

He is a cat napper!!!! groan... sorry!

I had 3 mice on the back door step on Sunday!!!

First time for ages.....

thesnailgarden said...

Maurice got into the spirit of giving last week with a bird on my birthday (which he tried to bring indoors!) and a mouse on Jay's birthday.