Monday, 23 June 2008

"Happy Birthday To Us"

Last week it was my birthday, followed the next day by Jay's.

On Jay's birthday I made my own version of the cat cupcakes from "Hello Cupcake", for when they came home from school and Jay's best friend came round for a birthday tea.

And then there was one left for dad when he came home from work.

Jay's birthday cake minus the candles that spelt his name. Yes, you've guessed, it is a boiled fruit cake.

For his birthday treat Jay chose to visit the new noodle bar in town.


Kim said...

Wow, did you make those cupcakes from scratch, however did you do it. Lovely :)

Kim x

thesnailgarden said...

Thanks Kim, they are easier than they look - just cut a V-shape at the corner of a freezer bag, fill with butter cream and squeeze a small amount of the butter cream onto the cake and pull away. Just add sweets and eat! ;)