Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Colour Me Blue

I thought that it would be fun to do a series of occasional posts to tell you more about myself, without resorting to the garden for a change, using colour.
The idea started with having a laugh at myself for having matching toe-nails and sandals!
I painted our bedrooms walls Luna Blue and brushed a veil of white over it.
Most of my clothes are blue.
Some of my jewellery.
My faded blue watering-can. I know it's in the garden, but technically it's not the garden ;)

Blue Pottery - I collect jugs from holidays and my parents often bring one back for me from their holidays.
I love blue glass - yes the gin bottle is empty!
I learnt 2 things whilst doing this post:-
1. Even though blue is my favourite colour it was quite hard trying to find items to photograph. Originally I had planned to do 9 photos and try and put them in a mosaic. (Can anyone tell me how to do this with photos please?)
2. I don't have enough blue jewellery!! (Big hint to husband!)

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