Monday, 2 June 2008

Foxgloves & Fairies

At the weekend there were finally a few dry spells and we managed three trips up to the allotment. I remembered to take the camera on the second trip. There are foxgloves everywhere ...
... in the fruit cage,
in the bean patch
and outside of the fruit cage, along with a few weeds that have enjoyed all the rain that we have had! We have started the attack on the weeds! I planted out some more dwarf beans, peas, shallots that I had grown in modules from seed and some aubergine plants. This is the first year that I have planted any up the allotment rather than keeping them in the greenhouse, so this year I am experimenting with half in the greenhouse and half at the allotment.
There are fairies in our garden. They come out for the summer, just need to find the candles now.

These flower fairies live on our patio all year.Rosemary Cake with Orange Icing

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