Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Finally Finished!

I have finally finished Fay's evening wrap, just in time for the Leaver's Ball. It is Rowan's River Pattern knitted in black mohair with a silver sparkle in it. A very simple but repetitive pattern ... I got distracted easily whilst knitting this and kept forgetting how many pattern repeats I had done!
To think that approximately 17 years ago I was knitting her first shawl, in white, ready for her birth.

Here it is being blocked on the floor, because of its size, just waiting for the damp cloth to cover it. Not the best place for it in a household with cats ... I later found Maurice sitting on it having a wash!!

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Kim said...

Hello MGH, thanks for visiting my blog. I thought I recognised this lovely wrap :)

Kim x (aka Yarrow)