Friday, 18 November 2011

Christmas Preparations

At the end of last week I finally got around to baking my Christmas cake. As usual I made Delia's Classic Christmas Cake. It has been "fed" its first lot of brandy and has been wrapped up in foil. I don't need to do much Christmas baking this year as we plan to spend time at my parents' this Christmas.
On the crafting front I have designed and painted these wooden trees. My Dad cut them out for me :) and my friend is selling them in her shop.
I've crocheted some snowflakes, as I plan to change the festive decor this year to red and white - hopefully with a Scandinavian feel. Next up will be some red stars.
Also I have completed a few shell necklaces for sale
and now I just need to do my Christmas shopping. Normally I'm finished by now, but this year I have hardly started!! So I'm off into town today to make a start.
Best wishes, Pj x



Your little snowflakes are soooo sweet. I've not started my shopping either, and am not even panicking ... yet.

Gem said...

Wow loving the Christmas Trees x x x x