Wednesday, 30 November 2011

November Photo Scavenger Hunt

It's time to post my November contribution to Kathy's Photo Scavenger Hunt:-
1. A Lucky Charm
I thought that this was going to be a difficult one, but then I remembered my sixpence that I had in my shoe on my wedding day - "Something old, something new ... and a silver sixpence in her shoe." Unfortunately this one was minted in 1958 and therefore is made of cupro-nickel and not silver!
2. A Poppy
It had to be a Remembrance Day poppy.
3. A Self-portrait
I took this one with my iPhone, in July whilst we were on holiday. That's me on the right! ;)
4. Comfort Food
I'm on a diet, so all food is comfort food to me at the moment! This photo was taken during October, as of course I'm not eating any cake this month!!! :)
5. Memorial
Not a very good photo I'm afraid, as I didn't have the tripod with me, but I thought it would be a change to photograph the war memorial at night time.
6. Polka Dots
I love polka dots and so it was purely coincidence that I bought new bowls for the cats this month and that they are dotty ones.
7. Silhouette
Ella sunning her whiskers on top of the patio roof.
8. Something Purple
When it came to this photo I suddenly realised that there isn't a lot of purple in our home. Luckily I have two purple Trollbeads in my collection and I wore them on this necklace the other night, when we attended my son's GCSE Certificate Evening.
9. Something that Lights Up
It's November so that would be fireworks! :)
10. Something that You Have Made
Surprisingly this was a difficult one for me as my blog is full of items that I have made and I wanted to photograph something that hadn't been featured on my blog before. Cue this box of lace. All hand-made bobbin lace, made by me 20+ years ago. I learnt to make bobbin lace when I was 19 years old, but I haven't made much since my children were born.
11. Staircase
An excuse to show our cats sitting on the stairs.
12. Warmth
This morning I was "scratching my head" over this one until Ella started roly polying in a patch of sunlight near the patio door, before curling up to sleep in the sun's warmth.
Thank you Ella. :) One month left to do!


Rosie said...

I've so enjoyed your photos -especially your lovely cats - I can just feel the warmth of Ella's fur in the sunlight. I love their spotty bowls too. My friend collects Troll beads in silver and brown colours, your purple ones are very pretty. One more month - I wonder what the topics will be?:)

H said...

What beautiful cats, so smooth and sleek. Ella looks cosy curled up in the warmth of the sunlight!

I know that I have a sixpence somewhere in my cupboard, though it was the threepence which enticed me as a child.

Louise said...

the staircase photo is brilliant wit the cat-pose-reflection thing!

Alex said...

Your cats are gorgeous! I adore the silhouette picture but I'm very pleased we got to see them both in all their glory on the staircase as well :)

Little Blue Mouse said...

Great photos especially the cats on the stairs.

Deb from WhatsInMyAttic said...

Amazingly beautiful lace! I can't imagine how tedious and exacting it must be to make such lovely delicate treasure!

Alison said...

Wow the lace is fantastic and the cats are very well behaved to post like that for you! Did you bribe them?

Mel said...

Cute kitties!

Eileen said...

The lace you made is absolutely beautiful. A lovely set of photos, well done