Friday, 25 November 2011

Outside and In

This week I finally found the time to work in my neglected back garden. As we have only had a couple of frosts so far this winter, all the nasturtiums were still in flower, but I felt it was time to have a tidy up for winter, so I pulled them up and the annuals that were past their best. I have pruned the shrubs and perennials and will sort out the lawn another day. The trees around the outside of the fence will need to be pruned as well. Somehow it seems right to see patches of bare earth once again. A lot of plants are still thriving, due to the mild weather conditions and I could even see the shoots of some bulbs beginning to poke through the soil.
Indoors I have been knitting and hooking. I am knitting this scarf as a Christmas gift. Lattice stitch is new to me, but it was simple to learn.
These stars are now for sale in my friend's shop. I plan to make some for our Christmas tree next.
I have also started to crochet another scarf that will be a Christmas present. It is now only one month to Christmas Day. :) Last Friday I started my Christmas shopping and on Saturday I had nearly finished! :) I just have a couple of gifts to buy and I am all done. :) I have bought a few Christmassy magazines over the past month, perhaps I will now find the time to read them!
Best wishes, Pj x

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